About Toranj


About Toranj

«Toranj» is one of Iranian old patterns which are mostly used for embellishing of covers and pages of books and rugs.

Toranj is usually rhomboid or in almond shape and sometimes is square, oval or round, like (resembling) sun or star or flowers.

This pattern is often set in the middle of the carpet and its inside is decorated by leaves and flowers and “Eslimi” patterns.

Sar Toranj

Sometimes “Sar Toranj is added to the up and down of the Toranj which consists of two smaller symmetric patterns.

When the design of two and of Toranj is not symmetric, the down pattern is called “Tah Toranj”.

In four corners of Toranj pattern of quarter of a Toranj which is called “Lachak Toranj”

Toranj is also one of the pools in the ancient paradise patterns.

There is no exact information about this pattern’s birth and its primary shape.


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