Adobe Photoshop Defaults Suck

Created as a collaboration between MediaLoot and WeGraphics, PsDefaults promises to “give your copy of Photoshop a much needed kick in the pants.” Perhaps you didn’t know that it needed one? Well, you may still want to check out this set, which includes brushes, patterns, modern shapes and photo actions said to be useful to those who use Photoshop on a “semi-regular basis” — so if you use it every day or once in while, it would seem that Photoshop’s defaults are just fine.


Compatible with Photoshop CS2 and above, the 324 MB ZIP file that is PsDefaults contains Actions (6 sets, 110 items), Brushes (25 sets, 622 items), Shapes (6 sets, 355 items), Gradients (8 sets, 230 items), Patterns (14 sets, 170 items) and Styles (7 sets, 148 items). You best bet might might be to sign for PsDefaults email updates, which allows you to download the free Essentials Mini-Kit. Although since purchase includes a no-questions refund policy, there’s no downside to just jumping in.


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