Christopher Haines

Christopher Haines

Christopher Haines is a young graphic artists from Australia that brings a whole new level of digital art on the table with his unbelievable style mixed somewhere between 3d and photo manipulation with a bit of surreal on top of that, how can you resist to such great works.

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Christopher Haines is a designer that comes from Perth Australia. He has had a passion for all thing art and designed related ever since a very young age. But, it is only recently that he has begun to pursue his love of design by focusing on digital illustration in a variety of formats.



He loves designing complex shapes in 3D and then mixing them in photoshop to achieve an amazing digital master pieces. He starts by sketching his thoughts and then transferring them into his computer through different softwares like Poser, Photoshop and 3D max. He gets his inspiration from ancient civilization designs and traditional graphic designers. Enjoy Chris’s mind blowing digital designs and surly visit his website to view more.


Christopher Haines

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