Gino Boccasile

Gino Boccasile (1901-1952) was born in Bari Italy. He moved to Milan in 1925 at the age of 24 and worked at the Mauzan-Morzenti Agency as a student of Achille Mauzan. He traveled to Paris and afterwoods to Argentina at the insistence of Achille Mauzan, who continued to stay in Argentina for many years to come. Boccasile returned to Milan where he worked at the firm of Pitigrilli during the 1930’s, working both in posters and for fashion magazines. He created many art, prints and posters during the 1930s for products and travel destinations ie: Viareggio 1934, Torneo Tennistico-SanRemo, Federazion Italiana Nuoto and Cafe Moretto and many more.


As the 1930’s came to an end, Mussolini replaced the King and went to war with the Nazi regime. Boccasile went to work for the fascists creating some of the most startling images of propaganda ie: Londra, Germania e veramente suo Amico, Negro robia una statua and many others which are highly sought after today. Many have no signature due to the volatile nature of his propaganda . During and after the war, most of Boccasiles art, prints and posters were done in ‘offset’ typography.


After the war, Boccasile set up his own agency where he was quite prolific. Both he and his students were very sought after ie: Musati, Ferramante, Busi, Mosca, doing works for anything from Night Club acts, to travel and products ie: Lama Bolzano, Talco Paglieri, Castroreale Bagni, Yomo, Lauro Olivo, Olio Raidino and too many more to mention. Gino Boccasile died in Milano at the age of only 51. Of course, it is impossible to list all the wonderful art, prints and posters created by this, the most important Italian poster artist between 1930 and 1952.

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