Igor scekic

Igor scekic

My name is Igor Š?eki?. I am digital artist/ illustrator/ graphic designer from Zagreb, capital city of Croatia. I was born in 1985. Since my early age I was always interested in different types of art. At the end of highschool I have discovered Photoshop and since that day my endless adventures in fields of digital art/illustration have started. It was back in the year 2004. After that I got into graphic deisgn university which opened my creative view on the world and I decided to teach myself as much as possible about different software. After years of playing around with different softwares I have decided to put a bit of traditional taste in my artworks, so at the moment I am trying to blend different traditional and digital art techniques together to achieve new and unpredictable results. I am interested in digital art, graphic design, illustration, photography and other traditional or digital art techniques. For me art is medium for expressing my thoughts and feelings.

Igor scekic
Design by: Igor scekic

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During the years I have met a lot designers, digital artists and illustrators and made a lot of my own personal works and also some works for different clients. I am available for different client works or interesting collaboration with other artists. My online portfolio is http://fusionfactory.net/

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