Media Lab Releases Free Script Pack


Media Lab’s SiteGrinder plugin has for years proven itself as a popular method to use Photoshop for the creation of entire CSS and XHTML standards-compliant websites, with such features as image galleries, slideshows, contact forms and online stores. Users add one-word hints, such as “rollover” or “menu” to the names of layers in Photoshop, which SiteGrinder then converts into Web pages. The plugin uses these hints for the generation of styled text, rollover buttons, popups and multi-level menus. Interactive elements can be constructed from graphics, text or a mix of both, and function across multiple Web pages. SiteGrinder provides a report describing what it would build from a Photoshop file and also provide warnings of potential problems. Once the site is generated, it creates a second report indicating such information as the average download size for pages, as well as specifics for each page. Quite ingenious.


Media Labs has now released two free scripts, which were developed to aid SiteGrinder users but don’t require that to be implemented. Smart Group Duplicator makes it possible in one step to create multiple copies of complex layer groups while simultaneously changing layer names, changing the text contents of type layers and distributing the positions of the new groups vertically or horizontally. One application of this is apparently to quickly create button bars. The Add Layers to Layer Comps script simplifies the use of layer comps. It allows users to choose an arbitrary selection of layers in the layers palette and instantly make them visible in any layer comps selected in the layer comps palette. Handy for adding global elements to multiple, already-existing comps.

Free Photoshop Script Pack

The Script Pack, for Mac and Windows, is available for free download onĀ the Media Lab site. Several training videos are also provided.

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