Pete Harrison

Pete HarrisonPete Harrison

My names Pete Harrison and im a digital artist and designer from the UK, I go by the alias ‘Aeiko’ which is my online creative identity.
Some artists create with pens, others a paint brush, and today many more with a computer, but I am the only artist that renders my images with the deadly, but dazzling coloured illumination of my Jedi light-saber. Each stroke I summon by the strength of the force smears beautiful streaks of light across my canvas, until the end result is a frame filled with flashes and flares that burst from the depths of a deep black galaxy.

I have worked for a variety of clients over a wide range of media; Dolce & Gabbana, Nike, Microsoft, MTV, Orange, Samsung, Jameriquai, Intel, Walls Magnum, Konami, Sky, Trojan, RBS / Natwest, Sprite, Unicef, Peugeot, BMW, Dell, Sigma, Guiness, Computer Arts, Fall out boy, Dahra, Royal Mail, Advanced Photoshop, Vinly Abuse, Marlboro, Harrods.

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