Photo Collage Maker 1.2

Artensoft Reinvents Photo Mosaic Creation with Photo Collage Maker 1.2

Updated computer program automatically creates excellent for detail and color mosaic collages and photo mosaics, which can otherwise be designed only by two artists in the world

MOSCOW, Russia – December 13, 2012 – Artensoft today announced Photo Collage Maker 1.2, a new version of the only program in the world that automatically creates mosaic collages and photo mosaics in which the constituent elements can be of different sizes depending on the selected level of detail.

Completely rewritten from the ground up, the algorithm in new Photo Collage Maker picks mini images for a mosaic and matches them by color with superb accuracy, making photo collages look fantastic.

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Cat_New Year_01_created_using_Artensoft_Photo_Collage_Maker_1920

About Photo Collage Maker

At the heart of Photo Collage Maker is the unique mathematical algorithm that lets you create a photo mosaic, in which the elements have different sizes depending on the part of the main image and all the pieces of the mosaic are arranged by color in strict accordance with the original image.

The program is designed as a step-by-step wizard where the user first selects the main image and adds a folder with pictures to be used as elements of a mosaic. Photo Collage Maker then automatically recreates the main picture from mini images. You can manually replace any element for a more appropriate one in the preview window.

Aleftina_by_Photographer_gvo3d_com_ArtensoftPhotoCollageMaker_1920 (1)

With Photo Collage Maker, home users can create a one-of-a-kind mosaic portrait of relatives and friends and present it as a gift. The program can also be used by professional designers and advertisers, who can, for instance, create a mosaic ad banner from the products of a company or photos of happy employees.

Photo Collage Maker

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