Pixel Text Effect

pixel text effect

Pixel Text Effect

Creating a new Document in Photoshop:

Create a new 640×480 image or and image you would like to place pixelated text one.

or Download below image.

pixels- background

In the Toolbox, select the Horizontal Type Tool.

create a new layer (Text layer 1), and type your text.

Duplicate “Text layer 1


select Text layer 2

go to Filter menu>Blur> select Gaussian Blur

change Radius: 3.9

pixel text effect

pixel text effect
go to Filter>Pixelate> select Mosaic
change Cell size: 12

pixel text effect

go to Filter>Sharpen> select Unsharp Mask
change Cell size: 12

select “Text layer 1″ add a drop shadow effect

go to Layer menu>Layer Style>drop shadow 

[download id=”81″ format=”2″]

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