Poser Pro 9 and 2012 Updated for 3D Character Creation


Smith Micro’s cross-platform app has been enhanced for creating still and animated 3D characters for print, film, broadcast and website use. It wasn’t that long ago that 3D character creation was an exotic art, practised by an elite group of highly-trained artists, using expensive, complex applications. But recent years have seen 3D tools not only add functionality but decrease in both complexity and price to the point where 3D character creation is within reach of the many. While Poser is one of those applications that makes this possible, thanks in part to the provision of ready-to-go, pre-rigged characters and a content asset library, it’s still a tool that is best employed by creatives with the skills to generate really convincing work.



Poser 9, released in September of last year, added subsurface Scattering; a simple, intuitive user interface; rendering performance improvements; 70 ready-to-use figures; vertex weight map rigging support; and more than 3GB of Poser content. Poser 2012 added 64-bit application support and the FireFly render engine; the ability to create 3D animation and illustrations; the vertex weight map editing tool suite; updated PoserFusion plugins; and COLLADA support.

Service Release 2, now available free to registered users, adds improvements to the Content Library, Face Room, Cloth Room, preview and final rendering, animation, rigging and figure setup, and support for PoserPython Methods. Currently available in English, the German and Japanese versions are slated for May.

Poser 9 for Mac and Windows can be purchased on the Smith Micro site for $249.99. Poser 2012 is priced at $499.99. Demo versions are available for download.

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