Rainbow Girl in Photoshop

 in this tutorial I will show you how to create an image using this technique

Rainbow Girl in Photoshop

Step 1

Create a new document, mine is 800×600 pixels. After that double click on the background layer to open theLayer Style dialog box and add a Gradient Overaly. Select Radial for the Style and use a dark red to black for the colors

Rainbow Girl in Photoshop

Rainbow Girl in Photoshop

Step 2

Download Girl .psd file. open it in Photoshop and move Girl Layer in current Tutorials file


[download id=”123″]

Step 3

First ?Duplicate girl layer. Layer>Duplicate layer. Layer name: girl -02

Then Double click on the girl -02 layer to open the Layer Style box. Select Outer Glow. For the Blend Mode use Vivid Light and for the size set 52px. After that Duplicate this layer and go to Filter>Blur>Motion Blur.Use 43º for the Angle and 155 for distance. Make sure that the blurry layer is behind the normal layer.

Step 4

Create a layer, not inside the folder anymore. This layer has to be behind the girl. Then go toFilter>Render>Clouds. Change the Blend Mode to Color Dodge.

Step 5

Create another layer, over the clouds’ layer (color = White).   Now go to Filter>Render>Fibers… Use 16 for the variance and 4 for the Strength. After lets add another filter, this time Motion Blur, go to Filter>Blur>Motion Blur. The angle will 90º and for the distance use more than 344px like the image below.


Step 6

First rotate the layer.


Step 7

Then select girl -02To select all pixels on girl -02. In the layers Palette click on the layer thumbnail while holding down the Cmd/Ctrl key.

  • go to select menu>Modify> select Expand.  Expand By: 30 px
  • go to select menu>Modify> select Feather.  Feather Radius: 30 px
  • go to select menu>Inverse
  • select Fiber layer in the layers Palette. and press Ctrl+X

Step 8

open the Layer Style box. Select Blending Options. For the Advanced Blending  use 60%.

open the Layer Style box. Select Gradient overlay.

Blend Mode: Multiply

Gradient: Transparent Rainbow

Angel: 127º

Scale: 39

Step 9

Select girl  in the layers Palette and move girl  layer,  over girl -02 and Change the Blend Mode to Divide.

create a new Folder in the Layer Palette and set the Blend Mode to Color Dodge. After that create the layers you want to be light inside of this folder and using white color. You can even add some different shapes and apply gaussian blur to create those rays of light.


This is one of those designs that looks a bit complicated when we see it at first. But when you start working on it, it turns out to be much easier than we thought. You can add different light colors, more or less sparks, or even explode some parts of her body.

Download the PSD file

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