Persian Designs – shamse-16

Shamse or Shamseh has been depicted with Arabesque motifs, Khatay, inscriptions, geometrical. And in some cases use of animal motifs such as fish and birds, that was inspired by the sun. Shamse is one of persian old patterns.

This image is a vector illustration and can be scaled to any size without loss of resolution. This image will download as a .eps file. You will need a vector editor to use this file (such as Adobe Illustrator).

shamse- 16
shamse – 16

Persian – shamse-16

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  • Thank you so much for putting up all of these wonderful designs. I am unable to download this one, or any of the others for that matter. Could you please send this one to me in vector format? I am a student trying to learn tezhip so I would really appreciate your help. Thank you!

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