Unified Color Announces Photoshop CS6


SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA – June 19, 2012 – Unified Color Technologies, makers of a full range of award-winning HDR software offerings, today announced that its Photoshop filter plug-in, 32 Float v2, now fully supports the most recently-released version of Adobe Photoshop CS6. 32 Float v2 provides much needed 32-bit color editing functionality to Photoshop. It is ideal for photographers that prefer to work on layered images, 32 Float v2 allows photographers to maintain a Photoshop-centric workflow and ensures the most accurate and color-safe adjustments. Existing users can now download the free update ensuring a seamless roundtrip workflow from Photoshop CS6 to 32 Float V2.

The engineers at Unified Color have tested Photoshop CS6 to confirm compatibility with its 32 Float v2 filter plug-in. Ideal for HDR photographers looking to unlock the true potential of 32-bit true-color editing functionality, 32 Float v2 enables edits directly to the 32-bit image producing much more natural-looking tone mapped results due to Unified Color Technologies’ Beyond RGBTM color technology platform. Photoshop only allows very limited adjustment tools when working on 32-bit images, so the Unified Color plug-in brings a complete workflow feature-set to the 32-image editor.

Unified Color also offers standalone HDR editing applications. HDR Expose™ 2 , is a fully-featured professional 32-bit color editing HDR solution which offers batch processing capabilities, user definable presets, and color-neutral dodge and burn tools. Unified Color’s entry-level HDR Express™ automates key aspects of the HDR production process, offering automatic tone mapping and halo elimination to provide a streamlined and very easy-to-follow workflow.

For more information on Unified Color offerings, to download a trial version or purchase any of the applications, please visit : unifiedcolor

About Unified Color
Unified Color Technologies is redefining the capabilities of visual technology with a unique color system that powers the next-generation of high dynamic range (HDR) imaging devices and software. A significant improvement over current industry standards, Unified Color’s new Beyond RGBTM color model presents a versatile color platform which is able to map a much larger color space encompassing the full human visual spectrum including colors found in nature and man-made light sources.

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