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About Tachar Palace – Persepolis

Southwest Apadana in Persepolis. The House rocks so smooth and shiny that the person has been able to see your image in the House why Tachar Mirror Palace is also known. That the inscription inside the palace are the palace of Tachar name is mentioned.
Darius Little House. From the Achaemenid era palace in Persepolis. The paper “Description Overview Works Persepolis” states: remnants of a small palace called cuneiform inscriptions of Darius Tachar read, due to some special transparent stones which have been known to the hall mirror. Natural rocky platform on the mountain in about two and a half meters tall from the floor Apadana is more bulky than regular rock, arranged by the hyper Darius have made a small palace. Main façade and grand entrance to the south of the palace, has behind it the Apadana. And stairs, and another minor entry from the west side is plain.
The said House includes large porch on the south side entrance of the building which is on the back porch, hall and small room at the pros and Ivan Hall is located. Stairs by which the House is located in two corners of the porch to porch arrive. The porch has two rows, each row of four stone pillars with square bases respectively. Two tall stone base Janbyn Ivan, one of which was built in their place and another sustained a broken back and front yard has fallen House. Persian cuneiform inscriptions in languages and ancient Babylonian and Elamite above have been two basic Naqhar, Darius ordered the construction of the palace and its complement to the story Khshayarsha.

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In each of the two sides of a porch and a stone ledge stone threshold to be seen. High on the rocky ledge and sides on top of all windows and stone cuneiform inscriptions Row House mentioned a Persian language and ancient Babylonian and Elamite Naqhar been mentioned that the building works Darius Stone is at home. Threshold stone porch on two sides, like so on the palace reliefs of two other royal lancer troops have people sculpt the front bumper is a long time. The threshold of the porch next to the Chamber of soldiers guard the headquarters of the House has been concerned. Ivan and the Hall House by a large port and four windows with each other stone is concerned. On the body of this port can be seen embossed Imperial Palace, which goes out and two servants behind him Rvannd: One of his umbrella on the top of the head and another Shahriar repel insects towels and toys in his hand.

Tachar name in cuneiform

Tachar name in cuneiform inscriptions been mentioned above the same port the construction of Darius commandment is talking. Tachar word to describe, yet the comments of Professor Hrtsfld Atlal City Gamers written thesis and Mr. Mojtaba Mino has translated are quoted here: The word “Tjr” or “how” in language that even the new Frs means “Winter Palace is, among all the buildings Alhqyqh Fi platform that is the only building to the south, and this quality in such a climate is very meaningful. ”
Dress King on one side of the port, which was carved the name of Darius, and has gone and the other corner of the letter that contains the name Khshayarsha emerge, and this episode brings the true construction of designs when Darius died the same port Khshayarsha He has been replaced and the image in the top face and the name Darius introduced Khshayarsha been known to have the name and such a point at Persepolis, there is no other.
Ivan Tuesday inside the hall along the row of each row contains four columns have been like a work of the porch columns or rectangular base housing here is close to their circular. North Hall and East and West aspects of the House Chamber of the subsidiaries had the body of the Imperial Image of the northern ports while entering the hall, and one of his servants behind towels and toys to repel mosquitoes and flies have been observed are .

Another servant had lost respect for the overlay and the same ones that exit the king of the royal palace Tachar Shah takes over. King designs on the two holes that threshold installation gold necklace and bracelet and a hat and jewel of the Picture This Imperial Tzyenaty equally along the Jvahrnshan had been. The role of local benefits from Shahriar precious stones of the diagram is integrated.
More carefully on the bottom row of dresses darius designs small milk is also observed that suggests the painting and painted relief and the golden fringe on the dress designs are Darius is showed.
Another body on the stone threshold of the palace with the king fighting Tachar milk and cattle and servants as well as a legendary animal with light and scent bottle and dish towels and water have been like other buildings and palaces of Persepolis, the contour map of each location how to use it location is unknown. In the small port of East and West rooms embossed dagger to the king, while the right hand with left hand to choke the primary is seen and this role can be seen exclusively in Tachar.
Western Staircase House has a number of United Nations relief subsidiary of gifts offered in the cuneiform inscriptions named Ardashir III Bashdv So late scientist Professor Hrtsfld other archaeologists and the public have expressed belief that the stairs to the third Ardeshir Tachar accession The House shall have a new entry is added, but Mr. J. Zakataly the detailed research for surveying and preparing the samples were small, especially in these works Tachar new information and many have gained the status of interpretation of the story of the North Chamber of Darius will have clear and also the stairs and entries from the beginning of building the Western Tachar House was expected to peak was not done because at the time of Artaxerxes III ended the inscription has been named the Naqhar Shahriar and perhaps desired time steps Map Artaxerxes III at the time what the difference has been made.
At the end of the hall mirror comment about the time necessary to mention here that knows well the strength of the building stones in ancient eras written many souvenir and wrote on it, many of which have historical significance and mentioned all this Subject to its own separate paper could be that given sufficient explanation about each bunch of people and events mentioned in them is given. Jalh for example the following two texts will quote:

1 – on the body between the eastern portal stone porch and side porch Hall, the eighth line of the inscription has been short- Kofi Naqhar:

Two other inscriptions Bkht Kofi inscription above is available near the same date and the name of Ali bin Alsry Zdaldvlh Alkatb Alkrkhy reader Persepolis inscriptions Zdaldvlh notary and the other in the name of Abu Nsrbn Zd Dawla the massive army on its 392 AH. AH. Persepolis is to come.
2 – The internal body between the first window from the porch and hall Tachar Bkht east following inscription in the manuscript has been Naqhar Row 6:
February in the Persian month Aban and Slsyn Sman a certain year and even Mtvjha Arb Baltal Alasd to Kerman and Kahn majesty fi Sman king a certain year and Arab Hey a certain year and even Fatah. Abadi called Farouk great milestone in the three roads near Persepolis, Isfahan is, in on exactly as in the above mentioned principle of the inscription has been quoted. Remain high for the covered inscription on-line versions are also eligible for care.

Other important writings include two languages Pahlavi inscriptions at the time of Shapur II (309-379 AD.) Written in Arabic and Persian inscription belonging Amra and elders and other passersby in different centuries AH seventh to eleventh centuries, especially the general pass and stop these people from the story of Persepolis, and it includes several poems and phrases indicate where their impact is Atlal and their last two inscriptions mention the name of Farhad Mirza and his sons who dated 1294 and 1295 was the detailed excavation works Supreme Persepolis is the story.
Tachar House from the south has a large yard that is large veranda overlooking the palace courtyard is this. The porch has a low stone wall relief of soldiers and battle and cow’s milk was an inscription in three tablet called Khshayarsha old Persian and Babylonian and Elamite Nqr it has been.
East side yard, two-way staircase is mentioned that the small palace courtyard Xerxes (Hdsh) above the inscription are the same name is Shahriar. South side yard in northern Tachar like the relief of soldiers and battle and cow’s milk and three cuneiform tablet inscriptions to be seen. Inscriptions on the south side leading all three plates and the old Persian language is the name of Artaxerxes III.
In addition to the other components mentioned relief designs that are offered in the United Nations affiliated show their gifts in leading the wall layer and automatically distributed near the wall and into the yard to be seen … (Brief descriptions of works of Persepolis, pp 20-26) and refer to the archaeological reports c. 3 pp 65-66 be.


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